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Portable Restrooms in CT

Portable Restrooms in CT

If you are hosting an upcoming event in CT, check out Regional Restrooms to provide you with quality portable facilities. Whether you are looking for units temporarily, long-term, or even seasonally, Regional Restrooms can make it happen. From soccer fields to outdoor weddings, your guests deserve comfortable and sanitary facilities. Regional Restrooms offers an impressive selection of facilities including, portable restrooms, luxury flushing units, trailers, wash stations, luxury restroom trailers, and holding tanks. Read on as we take a closer look at some of the options we offer. You can also visit our website to see all of the options available!

Standard Unit

To begin, the standard unit is our most popular unit. If you need a temporary or short-term setup, the standard unit is the right option for you. The standard unit is purposely aesthetically neutral so they will not call attention and will blend seamlessly into any type of gathering. We stock our units with plenty of sanitizer and toilet paper and provide refills for these items. In addition to this, our team also offers weekly service for these units to keep them clean and sanitary.

Portable Trailers and Wash Stations

Secondly, we also offer wash stations and portable trailers available for your next event. We place our wash stations close to any rented units so that your guests have a place to wash up and sanitize. Boasting an impressive 26 gallons of fresh water, our sinks are the perfect add-on to your rental. If rearranging your setup might become necessary, be sure to add on a portable trailer! Regional Restrooms offers single-unit trailer mounts that easily hook up to most standard hitches. If you are renting units for a work site, or large area, a trailer is highly recommended.

Luxury Flushing Unit

Thirdly, we are proud to offer Luxury Flushing Units. If you are hosting an event that requires a little more pizazz from the facilities, these are for you! Not only do these units come with a sink, but they flush!  Furthermore, we stock these units with plenty of soap and paper towels. Moreover, because these units are often used at outdoor weddings and corporate events, we offer units that are not labeled. This adds a necessary level of discretion and privacy for special events.

Luxury Restroom Trailers

Finally, the best in our lineup. Our luxury restrooms look and feel like regular bathrooms. If you want the very best for your outdoor event, you need to consider renting a luxury restroom trailer. These units also come fully stocked and will be refilled when necessary.

Thank you for reading our latest blog on some of the rentals we are proud to offer our customers. Our professional Regional Restrooms team is ready to get you set up for your next event! Additionally, if you’re not sure which rentals best suit your needs, our staff can help you decide! Furthermore, Regional Restrooms offers delivery, set up, and service of the units. If you would like to see the full lineup of available rentals, please visit our website today! You can also call 508-936-3900 and speak with our team today! We look forward to hearing from you!

Portable Restrooms in CT