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portable restrooms and restroom trailers franklin ma

Understanding Portable Restrooms and Restroom Trailers Franklin MA

Regional Restrooms is here to help with understanding portable restrooms and trailers in Franklin MA. If you’re considering renting one of our portable toilets, then you’re likely doing a lot of research. You’ve probably found listings for both Portable toilets and restroom trailers. At Regional Restrooms, we understand comparing offerings from various suppliers can get confusing! You have to look at options, schedules, service areas, and prices. So, we’re here to help simplify the process.

Luxury portable restroom trailers and porta johns are different bathroom options. A restroom trailer is pulled behind a truck and delivered to your event. Also, there are some finishing touches added on-site to “wow” the users. Depending on the unit, it’s usually silver or white with an upscale exterior appearance. To compare, a porta potty, is loaded onto a trailer with other units. Then, it’s delivered to your event stocked and ready. At your event, they can be placed in a row or spread throughout the area.


To start, we’ll discuss “uses” for portable toilets. After all, they’re mostly used for one thing. However, there is a difference in how restroom trailers are used compared to portable toilets.

Portable Toilets VS Portable Restroom Trailers

Portable toilets are designed for going to the bathroom. Basic units have a toilet, urinal, and hand sanitizer pump. Our luxury flushing units will also have a shelf, coat hook, and mirror. Also, they’re conveniently equipped with upgrades like a sink and flushable toilet.

Portable restroom trailers provide users with a convenient place to use the bathroom. However, they have additional uses. For example, they’re a great substitute for cabanas at events. People could use them to change their clothes (or their kids’ clothes). This makes them great for weddings, campgrounds, sports tournaments, and weekend-long music festivals. Also, they’re more spacious and tend to stay cleaner after a lot of use. Some also have showers, making them more like the bathroom in a traditional home.

Regional Restrooms provides portable restroom service and luxury restroom trailers across New England. If you have anymore questions, or would like to reserve a unit, then please give us a call at 508-936-3900. Thank you!

Understanding Portable Restrooms and Trailers | Franklin MA | Franklin MA